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What does ça me soule mean?


It’s one of the many ways to say “It pisses me off” or “It’s getting on my nerves” in French. You can check the synonyms section below for more options.

How to use it

When something or someone makes you angry, you can use: “Ça me soule !“. For example, you just had a car accident because someone didn’t respect the traffic light, you might want to say (or yell): “Ça me soule !“.

Plot twist: if you want to sound like a true French, use instead: “Ah putain ! Ça me soule !” (Oh fuck! It pisses me off!)

Synonyms and similarities

  • J’en ai marre. (“I am fed up“)
  • Je suis énervé. (“I am angry“)
  • Je suis furax. (“I am furious“)(Slang)
  • Je suis en pétard. (“I’m hopping mad“)
  • Ça me gave. (“It pisses me off“)
  • Ça m’énerve. (“It makes me angry“)
  • Ça me vénère. (“It makes me angry“)(Slang)
  • Ça m’vénère. (“It makes me angry“)(Slang)
  • Chui vénère. (“I am angry“)(Slang)
  • Tu es vénère. (“You are angry“)(Slang)
  • Il/elle est vénère. (“He/she is angry“)(Slang)
  • On est vénère. (“We are angry“)(Slang)
  • Ils/elles sont vénère. (“They are angry“)(Slang)

Example in a story with slow French audio

Now, let’s see a complete example of this phrase in a story with slow French audio and the English translation below.
Un client difficile
A difficult customer
Comme d’habitude, Brigitte avait un appel vidéo avec Pierre en fin de journée.
As usual, Brigitte was having a video call with Pierre at the end of the day.
Mais ce soir-là, elle n’était pas de bonne humeur.
But that night, she was not in a good mood.
Elle en avait vraiment marre de son travail…
She was really sick of her work…
Brigitte:   Tu sais que je suis calme et polie.
You know that I am calm and polite.
Pierre:   Oui.
Brigitte:   Mais aujourd’hui, j’ai eu un client qui était extrêmement désagréable !
But today I had a client who was extremely rude!
Pierre:   Que s’est-il passé ?
What happened?
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