All About Us

Bonjour, I'm Adrien! I was born in 94' in France and spent most of my life there.

I have always been a “language nerd” and, as a kid, always wanted to become a teacher. But, somehow, I ended up becoming an IT engineer…

After a couple years of working in this field, I realised something was wrong... A part of me still wanted to achieve what I dreamed as a child, what I truly love.

So, I took a “bold” decision...

In 2018, I quit “the perfect job” in Paris and decided to focus entirely on teaching French online.
That's how All About French was born. My goal was to help people learning French online in a friendly and authentic way.

For that I focused on a proven, but somehow secret, method that is well-known among language experts.
A method with tons of success stories that most people never heard of...


Parallel stories with audio

I quickly realised that most courses teach you vocabulary that French people don't use and complex grammar rules that even 99% French natives have never heard about.

So what happen generally? You try talking with a French person, and you get one of these answers (true story, sadly):

“I have no idea of what you are talking about”
“It's slang, don't use that here”
“This is way too formal”
“Nobody says that”
“It's not used anymore”
“Which language is that?”
“That's an expression from Québec”
“Who the hell taught you that?”
“Are you drunk?!”

There is nothing worse to ruin your confidence, frustrate you and eventually make you quit learning French…
And that's why the parallel stories with audio are a great alternative:

Useful vocabulary

The stories focus on vocabulary and sayings French natives actually use. No confusing-theoretical-academic stuff.

(Optional) Parallel translation

Each French sentence comes with its parallel translation so your brain can naturally associate both languages.

Translated by humans

Each story had been translated by humans for more accuracy and to maximise the learning potential.

Audio by natives

The audios comes from voice artists, in a pace a bit slower than normal so you have time to hear all the words.

Actually interesting stories

We tried to create stories that are educational but also entertaining, as much as possible.

Forget about grammar

Learning French grammar can be extremely frustrating. With this method, you can bypass most of it.

What about a quiz?

Each story comes with a quiz so you can test what you just learned.


The website also includes a Vocabulary section where you can learn tons of useful French words, sayings and expressions with in-depth explanations. And a Telegram channel where I post everyday the expression of the day and the story of the day so you can get it directly on your phone.

There are many more upcoming features that I am working on and hope to release soon, stay tuned ;)


What members are saying

“I love those daily short stories! And exactly the right pronunciation speed”

“Your stories are great - it is teaching me both reading and listening - the latter particularly is very helpful because this I find difficult (and I suspect I am not alone) so the different listening speeds are very useful! I also love your different themes and frequently used phrases - very helpful!”


“Awesome stuff! Thanks so much :) Btw, love your personal touch and support!”


“Your daily stories are excellent and so very helpful!”


I really can see my improvement in learning french!!
Keep going ❤️👍”


“It's a great resource for beginners and intermediate students for sure.”


“Every day I learn new words!! It's really awesome.”


“Merci beaucoup pour tout les vidéos c'est vraiment très intéressant et ils me permet beaucoup d'amélioration mon niveau de français.”


“The material is excellent”


“French isn't that hard to understand if you know English!! Sister languages”


“👏🙌👏👏👏 perfect
great dialogue ! so practical.
Thanks 🙏”