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The French expression "Ça me passe par dessus la tête"

You are in the right place to learn all the things you have to know about the funny French idiom "Ça me passe par dessus la tête". Including a complete guide of what it mean and how you can use it in a dialogue with an audio example. Plus, we also added some useful stuff like synonyms, slow pronunciation audio, dialogue example and more!

French to English

  • Translation : I don't care

  • Literal meaning : It's going over my head

  • Register : Informal - Funny




  • IPA : / sa mə pas paʁ dəsy la tɛt /

aesthetic french quote ca me passe par dessus la tete

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What does it mean?


This expression is one of the most polite ways to say “I don't care” in French.

It literally means that something is passing above your head so you don't feel concerned: you don't care about it.

An even more polite way to say it would be: "Peu importe" (It doesn't matter much) or “Ça m'est égal.” ("It's egal to me").

Check the "Synonyms" chapter below for all the variations (including the informal ones).

How to use

Someone asks you which is your favorite football team, but you don't care about football... you can say "Le foot, ça me passe par dessus la tête." (I don't care about football)

Now your boss asks you if you prefer working tomorrow or the day after, you can say: "Peu importe." (It doesn't matter much).

Fun stuff

There are infinite ways to express this feeling in French, most of them very vulgar, but I personally have a favourite one...

And it's: "Ça m'en touche une sans faire bouger l'autre." which means "It's touching one without the second one moving". And it's talking about...men's genitals. Classy, huh?

Check the list below if you want to find your favorite one!


They are sorted from the more "formal" to the more "vulgar", even though this is not an exact science and can vary depending on people, culture, religion, etc.

↓ Example in a story with English translation ↓

Finally, let's see an example in a parallel story with slow audio.

Allergique à la téléréalité

Allergic to reality shows

Karine est fan d'une émission de téléréalité Française appelée "Koh-Lanta".
Karine is a fan of a French reality show called "Koh-Lanta".
C'est une émission très connue en France.
It's a very well-known TV show in France.
D'autre part, son mari Rémi, déteste cette émission.
On the other hand, her husband Rémi, hates this show.
Plus précisement, il déteste la télévision en général...
More precisely, he hates television in general...
KarineHier, j'ai regardé un autre épisode de "Koh-Lanta".
Yesterday, I watched another episode of "Koh-Lanta".
RémiOh, s'il te plaît, ne commence pas...
Oh, please, don't start...
KarineAttends, tu vas voir, il s'est passé un truc incroyable !
Wait, you'll see, something amazing happened!


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