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The French phrase "Peu importe" explained

Get prepared to discover all the things you want to know about the basic sentence "Peu importe". It includes a complete guide of what it is and how you can use it in a normal conversation with an audio example.In addition, we also added some useful informations like synonyms, slow pronunciation audio, dialogue example and more!

French to English translation

  • Translation : It doesn't matter much

  • Register : Neutral - Basic

Audio pronunciation



  • IPA : / pø ɛ̃pɔʁt /

aesthetic french quote peu importe

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Peu importe meaning


It's a common expression that means: "It doesn't matter / Whatever". This is the most polite way to express this idea in French, and it will work in most situations.

"Ça m'est égal" (It's egal to me) is also a formal synonym that you can use. Check the "Synonyms" chapter below for tons of variations, especially much more familiar ones...

How to use it

Your boss asks you if you prefer working tomorrow or the day after, you can say: "Peu importe." (It doesn't matter much). It implies you are fine with both options.

Your friend asks you if you prefer eating pizza or sushis, but you don't have a firm opinion on the topic, you can say: "Peu importe, tout me va" (Whatever, I'm fine with anything)


They are sorted from the more "formal" to the more "vulgar", even though this is not an exact science and can vary depending on people, culture, religion, etc.

Example in a dialogue


Tu veux manger où ?

Where do you want to eat?

Peu importe

It doesn't matter much

Ça ne m'aide pas beaucoup...

It's not really helping...

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