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Everything about the French sentence "Bonnes vacances"

Ready to discover all the things you have to know about the basic French sentence "Bonnes vacances"? This include a detailed definition of what it is and how you can use it in everyday life with an audio example. Plus, we also added some useful things like synonyms, dialogue example, slow pronunciation audio and more!

Translation in English

  • Translation : Happy holidays

  • Register : Neutral - Basic - Celebration

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  • IPA : / bɔn vakɑ̃s /

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What does bonnes vacances mean?


"Bonnes vacances" is the common way to say "Happy holidays" in French.

It literally means "Good holidays" and is the short version of "Passez de bonnes vacances" (Have a good holiday)

How to use

When you want to wish someone nice holidays, you can say: "Bonnes vacances !" or "Passe de bonnes vacances !"

If you want to be more formal or if you are wishing this to several people, use instead: "Passez de bonnes vacances !"

And if you want to wish more globally "Have fun / Enjoy" then you can use "Profite bien" or "Amuse-toi bien."

Synonyms / Related

↓ Example in a story with slow audio ↓

Finally, let's see an example in a parallel story with slow audio.

Les vacances


En France, le ministère de l'éducation fixe les dates des vacances scolaires.
In France, the Ministry of Education sets the dates for school vacation.
Et à partir de début Juillet, c'est les vacances d'été.
And from the beginning of July, it's the summer holidays.
Elles se terminent début Septembre.
They end in the beginning of September.
Les vacances sont une occasion pour les familles de se rassembler, de célébrer, de se reposer ou de voyager.
The holidays are a time for families to gather, celebrate, rest or travel.
En France, les vacances d'été sont souvent utilisées pour voyager.
In France, the summer holidays are often used for traveling.
Même si d'autres festivités ont lieu pendant cette période...
While other celebrations take place during this period...


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