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Discover the French expression "Tu me tues"

You are going to discover everything you have to know about the funny idiom "Tu me tues". More precisely, this includes a detailed definition of what it is and how you can use it in a dialogue with an audio example. Not to mention the cool things we added like dialogue example, synonyms, slow pronunciation audio and more!

French to English

  • Translation : You make me laugh a lot

  • Literal meaning : You are killing me

  • Register : Informal - Funny

How to pronounce it



  • IPA : / ty mə ty /

aesthetic french quote tu me tues

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What does tu me tues mean?


It might sound surprising to have a word related to death, to express something as joyful as laughing. But we do use "Tu me tues" to express "You make me laugh a lot". Just like in English they say "You are killing me".

The classic image is someone laughing so much that he can't breathe anymore, literally dying of laugh. (Please don't)

How to use it

Keep this one for hilarious situations, when you are really cracked up! If the situation is funny but "not enough to die for it" use instead "C'est drôle" / "C'est marrant" (That's funny) or "Tellement drôle !" (So funny!) or "haha" / "Excellent" (Same as English).

You can also use "Tu me tues" to express to someone that he / she is making you laugh a lot in general, that this person always surprises you. For example, you can say it during a conversation, but not especially during a funny situation.

In both cases, this is a very nice compliment to say to someone, but keep in mind that this is very casual and informal. Not adapted to formal situations like a workplace, for example.

Funny stuff

A super quick and texting friendly way to say it would be " Mdr" which means "Mort De Rire" ("Dying of laugh"). This is the French "Lmao" (Laughing My Ass Off).


↓ Example in a story with English translation ↓

Finally, let's see an example in a parallel story with slow audio.

Le bain moussant

The bubble bath

Théo prend un bain moussant.
Théo is taking a bubble bath.
Soudain, une idée lui vient...
Suddenly, an idea occurs to him...
ThéoOlivia, tu peux venir s'il te plaît ?
Olivia, can you come please?
OliviaOui, pourquoi ?
Yes, why?
ThéoNe pose pas de questions, viens !
Don't ask questions, come!
OliviaTu as besoin d'une serviette ou de quelque chose d'autre ?
Do you need a towel or something else?
ThéoJ'ai dit, pas de questions. Viens.
I said, no questions. Come.
OliviaOk. Je finis quelque chose et j'arrive.
Ok. I'm finishing something and I'm coming.
Deux minutes plus tard, Olivia entre dans la salle de bain...
Two minutes later, Olivia enters the bathroom...
Elle voit Théo entièrement recouvert de mousse !
She sees Théo completely covered in foam!


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