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The French phrase "Tu m'as tué" explained

On this page, we are going to show you everything you have to know about the funny French idiom "Tu m'as tué". It includes a complete definition of what it is and how you can use it in a normal conversation with an audio example. But that's not all, we also added useful things like dialogue example, literal meaning, slow pronunciation audio and more!

French to English translation

  • Translation : You made me laugh a lot

  • Literal meaning : You killed me

  • Register : Informal - Funny

Pronunciation example



  • IPA : / ty ma tɥe /

aesthetic french quote tu mas tue

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↓ Example in a story with slow audio ↓

Finally, let's see an example in a parallel story with slow audio.

L'imitation parfaite

The perfect imitation

Emily et Philippe sont assis dans un café près de la mer. Ils regardent les vagues...
Emily and Philippe were sitting in a cafe near the sea. Watching the waves...
EmilyTu te souviens de la première fois qu'on s'est rencontrés ?
Do you remember the first time we met?
PhilippeBien sûr ! C'était une journée magnifique ! Je suis tellement content de t'avoir rencontré ce jour là...
Of course! It was a beautiful day! I am so happy I met you that day...
EmilyMoi aussi ! J'y repense de temps en temps.
Me too! I think about it from time to time.
PhilippeMoi aussi parfois.
Me too sometimes.


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