Everything about the French expression "Arrête ton char"

Get ready to learn everything you need to know about the basic expression “Arrête ton char”.

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Translation in English

Pronunciation example

Slow pronunciation

Normal pronunciation

What does it mean exactly?


  • Arrête → Stop
  • Ton char → Your chariot

The “chariot” is an image for the nonsense that someone is saying. And since we want to make it stop, we say “Stop your chariot” just like we would say “Stop your nonsense”.

How to use it

If someone around you is saying nonsense you can say “Arrête ton char !“.

This is familiar and, depending on the situation, it might get perceived as “kidding” but also criticism.

If you say it to tease a close friend about something, he/she will probably laugh about it. But if you say it to someone you barely know and with an aggressive tone, people won’t react the same way, so be careful when you use this one.

Synonyms and similarities

Example in a story with translation

Now, let’s see a complete example of this idiom in a story with slow French audio and the English translation below.
Une vieille rancune
An old grudge
Jacques:   Alice, J’ai quelque chose à te demander. Tu as une minute ?
Alice, I have something to ask you. Do you have a minute?
Alice:   Oui, bien sûr.
Yes, of course.
Jacques:   Ça fait maintenant six mois que je suis en couple avec Rachel.
I’ve been in a relationship with Rachel for six months now.
Alice:   Wow, le temps passe si vite !
Wow, time flies so fast!
Jacques:   Oui… et je veux lui faire un cadeau.
Yes… and I want to give her a present.
Alice:   Hum, voyons… six mois…
Hmm, let’s see… six months…
Jacques:   Ouais, tu as des idées ?
Yeah, do you have any ideas?
Alice:   C’est drôle, ça ne te ressemble pas de faire un cadeau après seulement six mois.
Funny, it doesn’t look like you to offer a present after only six months.
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