The French idiom "Arrête tes conneries"

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Translation in English

Audio pronunciation

Slow pronunciation

Normal pronunciation

What does arrête tes conneries mean?


  • Arrête → Stop
  • Tes conneries → Your bullshit/nonsense

How to use

If someone around you is saying nonsense or acting stupidly, you can say “Arrête tes conneries !“.

This is familiar and, depending on the situation, it might get perceived as “kidding” but also criticism.

If you say it to tease a close friend about something, he/she will probably laugh about it. But if you say it to someone you barely know and with an aggressive tone, people won’t react the same way, so be careful when you use this one.


Example in a story with translation

Now, let’s see a complete example of this idiom in a story with slow French audio and the English translation below.
Manque de motivation
Lack of motivation
Alice:   Je ne veux pas y aller !
I don’t want to go!
Jacques:   Allez !
Arrête tes conneriesLiterally: Stop your bullshit
! On y va !
Come on! Cut the crap! Let’s go!
Alice:   Non, je ne veux pas ! J’ai mal partout !
No, I don’t want to! I ache all over!
Jacques:   C’est normal de se sentir comme ça après une séance de sport !
It’s normal to feel like this after a workout!
Alice:   Mais pourquoi tu m’obliges à y aller ?!
But why are you forcing me to go?!
Jacques:   Parce que tu m’as dit que tu voulais être en forme pour l’été !
Because you told me you wanted to be in shape for the summer!
Alice:   Je ne veux plus ! C’est trop pour moi !
I don’t want any more! It is too much for me!
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