All about the French idiom "Je suis fleur bleue"

Are you ready to discover everything you have to know about the romantic French idiom “Je suis fleur bleue”?

To be more precise, it includes a complete explanation of what it is and how to use it in a conversation with an audio example. As well as the useful stuff we added like synonyms, dialogue example, slow pronunciation audio and more!

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French to English translation

How to pronounce it?

Slow pronunciation

Normal pronunciation

What does it mean exactly?


  • Être → To be
  • Fleur bleue → Blue flower

This idiom takes its source from a 1811 novel where Novalis used “cultiver la petite fleur bleue” (to cultivate the tiny blue flower). The color blue for a flower being a sign of an ideal and secret tenderness, with time, it became an expression by itself.

It represents someone extremely romantic, sensitive and even naive. Also, you should know it’s generally a derogative expression.

How to use it

Let’s say a hopeless romantic friend of yours is in love with someone, you can say: “Tu es vraiment fleur bleue” (You really are a blue flower).

In case you are the blue flower of this story, you can say instead: “Oui je sais, je suis un peu fleur bleue” (Yes I know, I’m a bit of a blue flower).


  • Tu es fleur bleue. (“You are a blue flower“)
  • Vous êtes fleur bleue. (“You are a blue flower“)
  • Il est fleur bleue. (“He is a blue flower“)
  • Elle est fleur bleue. (“She is a blue flower“)

Dialogue example

Audio dialogue by French natives

Dialogue audio

Dialogue text

” Je suis fleur bleue, et toi ? “
” I am a blue flower, and you? “
” Oui, moi aussi je suis romantique “
” Yes, I’m romantic too “
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