The French sentence "C'est comme tu veux"

Are you ready to find out everything you want to know about the basic French sentence “C’est comme tu veux”?

To be more precise, this includes a full explanation of what it is and how you can use it in a conversation with an audio example. But, we also added super useful stuff like slow pronunciation audio, dialogue example and more!

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Example in a story with translation

Now, let’s see a complete example of this idiom in a story with slow French audio and the English translation below.
Aller dehors
Go outside
Karine:   Quel temps pourri aujourd’hui !
What a shitty weather today!
Rémi:   Oui, il pleut depuis ce matin.
Yes, it’s been raining since this morning.
Karine:   Pourtant, hier c’était ensoleillé et chaud…
Yet, yesterday was sunny and warm…
Rémi:   Oui, le temps était parfait toute la semaine.
Yes, the weather was perfect all week.
Karine:   Mais aujourd’hui, c’est déprimant…
But today, it’s depressing…
Rémi:   Carrément.
Karine:   Mais je dois aller au bureau de poste.
But I have to go to the post office.
Rémi:   Pourquoi ?
Karine:   Tu te souviens que je devais recevoir un nouvel oreiller que j’ai commandé en ligne ?
Do you remember I was supposed to receive a new pillow that I ordered online?
Rémi:   Oui.
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