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All about the French idiom "Y'a pas de lézard"

Get prepared to discover all the things you have to know about the funny idiom "Y'a pas de lézard". Including a detailed explanation of what it is and how you can use it in a normal conversation with an audio example.Additionally, we also added useful stuff like slow pronunciation audio, synonyms, dialogue example and more!

Translation in English

  • Translation : There is no problem

  • Literal meaning : There is no lizard

  • Register : Informal - Funny

How to pronounce it



  • IPA : / ia pa də lezaʁ /

aesthetic french quote pas de lezard

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What does it mean?


It literally means: 

It's an expression that we use to reassure someone after something happened. Typically: to minimize an issue, clearing up a misunderstanding, or to reassure about our wellness after an unfortunate event. And it's basically the shortened version of "Il n'y a pas de lézard"

But what's the link with a lizard?

During the recording process, musicians often face a hiss/whistle which ruins the record, and they call it "lizard". So by extension "Y'a pas de lézard" (There is no lizard) became a way to say: "There is no problem".

How to use

Do not use this expression in a formal context. Ex: your boss tells you to work on Sunday. You can answer: "Oui, pas de soucis, je serai là." (Yes, no problem, I will be there). But avoid using "Y'a pas de lézard" in this situation...

Scenario 2: you are falling off stairs and then a friend comes to ask you if you are ok. You might say: "Y'a pas de lézard, je vais bien." (There is no problem, I'm fine)

Synonyms / Related

There is an infinite number of synonyms, here are the most used ones:

Neutral context

Informal context

Example in a dialogue with audio


Tu viens au cinéma avec nous ?

Are you coming to the cinema with us?

Je ne peux pas, j'ai du pain sur la planche

I can't, I have bread on the board

Y'a pas de lézard, je comprends

There is no lizard*, I understand

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