The French expression "Tomber dans les pommes" revealed

Ready to find out everything you ever wanted to know about the funny French expression “Tomber dans les pommes”?

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French to English

How to pronounce

Slow pronunciation

Normal pronunciation

What does it mean exactly?


The literal meaning is:

  • Tomber → To fall
  • Dans → in
  • Les pommes → Apples

This French idiom means “To faint” and is very popular in France, but its origin isn’t perfectly clear…

The most common explanation comes from George Sand’s usage of a very similar expression in a 1889 letter. She said: “être dans les pommes cuites” (Literally: To be in the cooked apples), probably as a reference to another French expression: “être cuit” (Literally: To be cooked) which means “To be very tired“.

Then with time it turned into “Tomber dans les pommes” (To fall in apples) when experiencing a sudden and violent (like a fall) tiredness: a.k.a. fainting.

How to use

If you are going to faint, you can use: “Je vais tomber dans les pommes !” (Literally: I’m going to fall in apples!). Or if you are telling the story of that time when you fainted: “Je suis tombé(e) dans les pommes” (Literally: I felt into apples)

When talking about someone else: 

  • Elle est tombée dans les pommes. (“She felt into apples“)
  • Il est tombé dans les pommes. (“He felt into apples“)
  • Elle va tomber dans les pommes. (“She is going to fall into apples“)
  • Il va tomber dans les pommes. (“He is going to fall into apples“)

Synonyms and similarities

  • S’évanouir. (“To faint“)
  • Perdre connaissance. (“Lose consciousness“)
  • Tourner de l’oeil. (“Literally: To turn of the eye → To faint“)

Example with audio dialogue

Audio dialogue by French natives

Dialogue audio

Dialogue text

” Je crois que je vais tomber dans les pommes “
” I think I’m going to fall in apples* “
Sérieusement ? “
” Seriously? “
” Oui, je ne me sens pas bien “
” Yes, I don’t feel good “
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