The French idiom "N'en fais pas un caca nerveux" explained

You are in the right place to find out all the things you want to know about the funny expression “N’en fais pas un caca nerveux”.

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What does it mean?


  • Faire un → To make a
  • Caca nerveux → Nervous poop

(Disclaimer) Poop vocabulary incoming. (Disclaimer)

This expression is coming from the face of a baby turning to red while pooping, as red as an adult being furious about something. But as far as we know, no need to be angry to poop, that’s why we added “Nervous” to make the comparison more clear.

In conclusion, “faire un caca nerveux” (make a nervous poop)  means that someone is being super mad at something unimportant. Turning into red for… nothing.

How to use it

Someone is getting super mad about something that doesn’t really matter and should definitely take a chill pill, in this case use: “N’en fais pas un caca nerveux” (Don’t make a nervous poop about it).


  • Tu fais un caca nerveux. (“You are making a nervous poop about it“)
  • Il fait un caca nerveux. (“He is making a nervous poop about it“)
  • Elle fait un caca nerveux. (“She is making a nervous poop about it“)

Everyday life dialogue example with audio

Audio dialogue by French natives

Dialogue audio

Dialogue script

” Ça me soule tellement ! “
” It pisses me off so much! “
Ça va… n’en fais pas un caca nerveux “
” Chill…don’t make a nervous poop about it “
” Facile à dire ! “
” Easy to say! “
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