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How to pronounce

Slow pronunciation

Normal pronunciation

What does enchanté mean?


“Enchanté(e)” is the most common way to say “Nice to meet you” in French. It’s the short version of “Enchanté(e) de vous rencontrer“.

How to use

You can use it the same way you would use “Nice to meet you” English.

But, if you are a man, it’s “Enchanté” and if you are a woman, it’s “Enchantée” with an extra -e. (Don’t worry, the pronunciation is the same)

Also, if the context requires you to be formal, you can use instead: “Ravi(e) de vous rencontrer” or any of the formal synonyms below.


    Enchanté(e) de vous rencontrer → Nice to meet you (Formal)Enchanté(e) de faire votre connaissance → Nice to meet you (Formal)Ravi(e) de vous rencontrer → Pleased to meet you (Formal)Ravi(e) de faire votre connaissance → Pleased to meet you (Formal)

Example in a story with slow audio

Now, let’s see a complete example of this word in a story with slow French audio and the English translation below.
Jogging matinal
Morning jogging
Un matin, Brigitte est partie courir.
One morning, Brigitte went running.
Elle courait au bord de la mer, quand soudain, un homme l’a dépassée.
She was running by the sea, when suddenly a man passed next to her…
Il la regarda, sourit et lui dit…
He looked at her, smiled and said…
Pierre:   Salut !
Brigitte:   Bonjour.
Il était grand, avec des yeux foncés et des cheveux blonds.
He was tall, with dark eyes and blond hair.
Pierre:   Désolé de vous embêter, mais ce n’est pas la première fois que je vous vois courir ici le matin. J’ai pensé qu’on pourrait courir ensemble.
Sorry to bother you, but this is not the first time that I see you running here in the morning. I thought we could run together.
Brigitte:   Je vous ai déjà vu quelques fois aussi. Je m’appelle Brigitte.
I’ve seen you a few times too. My name is Brigitte.
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