The French expression "Tu as le cul bordé de nouilles"

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French to English

Audio pronunciation

Slow pronunciation

Normal pronunciation

What does it mean?


  • Avoir → To have
  • Le cul → The ass
  • Bordé → Bordered (Full of)
  • De nouilles → Of noodles

Many languages have expressions associating the ass with luck, such as Spanish, Italian and Portugese, for example: “Ter o cú virado prá lua” (To have the ass oriented toward the moon) means “To be lucky” in Portugese.

(Please don’t do that at home.)

Now back to our French expression, it’s a popular variation of “Avoir du cul” (To have some ass) which means “To be lucky“. 

Unfortunately, the precise origins of this variation are unknown. The classic explanation is that having a belly full of noodles is a sign of prosperity and luck. That’s why they mixed it with the original idiom.

How to use

Obviously, this is highly familiar and vulgar, so don’t use it at work or in any formal situation.

Let’s imagine the context allows you to say such things and you are talking with someone telling you an anecdote where he/she got super lucky. Then you can say: “Tu as vraiment le cul bordé de nouilles !” (Your ass is really full of noodles!).


  • Avoir du bol. (“To have some bowl“)
  • Avoir du pot. (“To have some pot/jar“)
  • Avoir du cul. (“To have some ass“)
  • Il a le cul bordé de nouilles. (“His ass is full of noodles“)
  • Elle a le cul bordé de nouilles. (“Her ass is full of noodles“)

Example with audio dialogue

Audio dialogue by French natives

Dialogue audio

Dialogue transcription

” J’ai gagné au loto ! “
” I won the lottery! “
” Mais non ? Tu as le cul bordé de nouilles ! “
” No way? Your ass is full of noodles! “
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