The French phrase "C'est bientôt fini" explained

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Example in a story with slow French audio

Now, let’s see a complete example of this sentence in a story with slow French audio and the English translation below.
Le match de football
The football match
Nicolas a toujours été un grand fan de football.
Nicolas has always been a huge fan of football.
Ce soir-là, il regardait un match important. Et on entendait ses cris dans toute la maison.
That night, he was watching an important game. And you can hear his screams throughout the whole house.
Nicolas:   Allez ! Allez ! Allez… Oui ! BUUUUUUT !
Come on! Come on! Come on… Yes! GOAL!
Brigitte:   Ahh… encore ton football…
Ahh… your football again…
Nicolas:   Oui, Paris joue contre Liverpool ce soir.
Yes, Paris plays against Liverpool tonight.
Brigitte:   Je vois. Je vais aider maman à préparer le dîner.
I see. I’ll help mom to prepare dinner.
Nicolas ne regarda même pas dans sa direction.
Nicolas didn’t even look in her direction.
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