Everything about the French idiom "Touché"

We are going to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the basic French expression “Touché”.

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What does touché mean?


“Touché” is a French word used to acknowledge a good point made during an argument. (Similar to “You got me” or “You make a point” or “Good catch”).

It’s also commonly used in English and literally means “Touched”.

How to use it

Imagine you are debating against someone and they make a very good point that you didn’t see coming. In this case, to admit that they made a witty point, you can say: “Touché”.


  • Tu dis que tu manges sainement mais tu manges des bonbons tous les jours. (You say that you eat healthy but you eat candies everyday.)
  • Touché. (You got me.)


  • Bien vu → Good catch (Literally: “Well seen”)
  • Bien joué → Well played

Example in a story with translation

Now, let’s see a complete example of this idiom in a story with slow French audio and the English translation below.
Accro à la cigarette
Addicted to cigarettes
Jacques et Alice sont assis dans un café.
Jacques and Alice are sitting in a cafe.
Alice prend une cigarette et commence à fumer.
Alice takes a cigarette and begins to smoke.
Jacques:   Je ne savais pas que tu fumais !
I didn’t know you were smoking!
Alice:   Ça fait deux ans…
It’s been two years…
Jacques:   Deux ans ?! Alors pourquoi je ne t’ai jamais vu fumer ?
Two years?! So why haven’t I seen you smoke?
Alice:   Je ne fume jamais à la maison. Sinon les parents seraient furieux.
I never smoke at home. Otherwise the parents would be furious.
Jacques:   Mais Alice, ce n’est pas bon pour ta santé !
But Alice, this is not good for your health!
Alice:   Oh ne commence pas, je sais bien.
Oh don’t start, I know.
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