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Discover the French phrase "Tu peux le faire"

You are going to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the inspirational phrase "Tu peux le faire". To be clear, it includes a complete explanation of what it is and how you can use it in a normal conversation with an audio example. Along with the cool informations we sprinkled like dialogue example, synonyms, slow pronunciation audio and more!

French to English

  • Translation : You can do this

  • Register : Neutral - Inspirational

How to pronounce



  • IPA : / ty pø lə fɛʁ /

aesthetic french quote pouvoir le faire

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What does it mean?


It literally means:

This is one way to say to someone "You can do it" or "Don't give up" or "Hold on" or "Hang in there" or even "Don't quit".

By saying "You can do it" to someone, you are motivating this person to believe in himself/herself and to hold firmly to his/her dreams or an activity that he/she is doing right now.

How to use

You are doing some plank workout exercises with a friend and you see that he/she is about to give up, you can motivate him/her by saying: "Tu peux le faire !" (You can do it! Don't give up!).

You can also use "N'abandonne pas !" which literally means "Don't give up". Or even "Tiens bon !" (Hold on!)

Check the next section for more variations.


↓ Example in a story with slow audio ↓

Finally, let's see an example in a parallel story with slow audio.

Le parc aquatique

The water park

AliceJe n'aurais pas dû venir au parc aquatique avec toi !
I shouldn't have come to the water park with you!
JacquesPourquoi ? Tu as peur ?
Why? Are you scared?
AliceOui, car nous allons faire l'attraction la plus effrayante du parc !
Yes, because we're going to do the scariest attraction in the park!
JacquesNe t'inquiète pas, ça va aller.
Don't worry, it will be fine.
AliceTu es sûr ?
Are you sure?
JacquesBien sûr ! Tu as vu des gens se blesser ?
Of course! Have you seen people getting injured?
AliceNon mais...
No but...
JacquesAlors tout ira bien ! Même les enfants y vont !
Then everything will be fine! Even the children are going there!
AliceC'est des enfants ! Et les enfants sont fous !
They are kids! And kids are crazy!


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