All about the French sentence "Je te le promets"

Ready to learn everything you want to know about the basic phrase “Je te le promets”?

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French to English translation

How to pronounce

Slow pronunciation

Normal pronunciation

What does it mean?


The literal meaning is:

  • Je → I
  • Te → To you
  • Le promets → Promise it

When facing a situation where you have to prove your honesty, you can use “Je le promets” (I promise it) or “Je te le promets” (I promise (to) you).

The real meaning is “I promise that what I’m telling you is true/I will do what I said“. So it’s generally a sign that you take your engagement seriously.

Now, let’s see some examples!

How to use

You have a party tonight, and your parents want you to come back home before midnight. You tell them “Ok” but they are still unsure that you will respect this engagement. To prove that you are sincere and that you are taking this promise seriously, you might say: “Je le promets” (I promise it) or “C’est promis” (Literally: “It’s promised“).

If you are swearing to someone in particular and want to highlight that, you can say: “Je te le promets” (I promise to you)

As long as you are keeping your promises, you will be more likely to be trusted when using it…

Also, if you want to ask someone if he/she is ready to promise something, you can ask: “Tu le promets ?” (Do you promise it?) or just “Tu promets ?” (Do you promise?) or even “Tu me le promets ?” (Do you promise it to me?).

Synonyms and similarities

  • C’est promis. (Literally: “It’s promised“)
  • Je promets. (“I promise“)
  • Je le promets. (“I promise“)
  • Je te le promets. (“I promise to you“)
  • Je vous promets. (“I promise to you“)(Plural / Formal)
  • Je vous le promets. (“I promise to you“)(Plural / Formal)
  • Je jure. (“I swear“)
  • Je te le jure. (“I swear to you“)
  • Je vous jure. (“I swear to you“)(Plural / Formal)
  • Je vous le jure. (“I swear to you“)(Plural / Formal)

Dialogue example

Audio dialogue from French people

Dialogue audio

Dialogue text

” C’est une blague ? “
” Is it a joke? “
” Non, je te le promets ! “
” No, I swear! “
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