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All about the French sentence "C'est promis"

Get prepared to find out everything you have to know about the basic French phrase "C'est promis". To be more precise, this includes a full guide of what it is and how to use it in a casual conversation with an audio example. Along with the cool things we sprinkled like dialogue example, slow pronunciation audio and more!

Translation in English

  • Translation : It's promised / I promise

  • Register : Neutral - Basic

How to pronounce?



  • IPA : / sɛ pʁɔmi /

aesthetic french quote cest promis

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↓ Example in a story with slow French audio ↓

Finally, let's see an example in a parallel story with slow audio.

Journée lessive

Laundry day

OliviaJe vais faire la lessive. Tu as des vêtements à laver ?
I'm going to do the laundry. Do you have clothes to wash?
ThéoOui, mon t-shirt et mon jean.
Yes, my t-shirt and my jeans.
OliviaApportez-les moi, s'il te plaît.
Bring them to me, please.
ThéoVoilà, merci !
There you go, thank you!
OliviaAucun problème. Je lave aussi tes chaussettes ?
No problem. Do I wash your socks too?
ThéoNon, pas besoin.
No, no need.
OliviaAlors pourquoi il y en a partout dans l'appartement ?
So why are they everywhere in the apartment?
ThéoC'est comme ça que je marque mon territoire.
This is how I mark my territory.
OliviaCe n'est pas drôle. J'en ai marre de ça. Tu peux arrêter s'il te plaît ?
It's not funny. I'm sick of it. Can you please stop?


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