Everything about the French sentence "J'ai hâte"

Ready to discover all the things you ever wanted to know about the basic French sentence “J’ai hâte”?

To be clear, this includes a detailed explanation of what it is and how you can use it in a dialogue with an audio example. And also the useful things we added like dialogue example, slow pronunciation audio and more!

Oh and before I forget, you will find our others sentences pages on this page plus the ultimate directory of all our French words content on this page. Happy learning!

Table of Contents

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Translation in English

How to pronounce it?

Slow pronunciation

Normal pronunciation

Dialogue example with audio

Audio dialogue from French people

Dialogue audio

Dialogue text

” What are we doing tonight? “
” We meet in Paris? “
” Oui ! J’ai hâte ! “
” Yes! I can’t wait! “
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