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The French phrase "Je plaisante" explained

On this page, we are going to explain you everything you need to know about the basic phrase "Je plaisante !". More precisely, it includes a detailed definition of what it is and how you can use it in a dialogue with an audio example. And also the cool things we added like dialogue example, slow pronunciation audio and more!

Translation in English

  • Translation : I'm kidding!

  • Register : Neutral - Basic

Pronunciation example



  • IPA : / ʒə plɛzɑ̃t ! /

aesthetic french quote je plaisante

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↓ Example in a story with slow French audio ↓

Finally, let's see an example in a parallel story with slow audio.

Ça va laisser une tache

It will leave a stain

Pierre est venu à Paris pour voir Brigitte.
Pierre came to Paris to see Brigitte.
Ils se sont retrouvés et ont passé une belle journée ensemble.
They met and spent a beautiful day together.
C'était le week-end et le temps était parfait pour une longue promenade.
It was the weekend and the weather was perfect for a long walk.
Brigitte a montré à Pierre certains de ses endroits préférés.
Brigitte showed Pierre some of her favorite places.
Le soir, ils ont décidé de pique-niquer au bord de la Seine.
The evening, they decided to picnic by the Seine.
Ils ont pris une bouteille de vin rouge, quelques fromages et une baguette.
They took a bottle of red wine, some cheeses and a baguette.


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