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What does it mean exactly?


“À la vôtre” is a common and polite way to say “Cheers” in French. It’s generally used after a toast and/or before drinking with a group of people.

It literally means “To yours” with “Yours” referring to “Your health” (Ta santé).

How to use it

In a formal context or when talking to several people, use “À la vôtre” (To yours) or “À votre santé” (To your health).

In an informal context or when talking to only one person, use instead “À la tienne” (To yours) or “À ta santé” (To your health).

Also, in both cases you can use simply “Santé” (Health) if you prefer.


  • À la tienne → Cheers (Literally: To yours)
  • Santé → Cheers (Literally: Health)
  • À ta santé → Cheers (Literally: To your health)
  • À votre santé → Cheers (Literally: To your health)

Example in a story with translation

Now, let’s see a complete example of this idiom in a story with slow French audio and the English translation below.
Une nouvelle inattendue
An unexpected news
Léa entre dans le bar et cherche Marc…
Léa enters the bar and looks for Marc…
Marc la voit et lui fait signe…
Marc sees her and waves at her…
Marc:   Léa, je suis ici !
Léa, I’m here!
Léa:   Ah, tu es là !
Ah, there you are!
Marc:   Oui, je t’en pris assieds-toi.
Yes, please sit down.
Léa:   Je ne m’attendais pas à une invitation si soudaine…
I didn’t expect such a sudden invitation…
Marc:   Je sais. C’est que je dois te dire quelque chose…
I know. It’s because I have to tell you something…
Léa:   Je t’écoute, dis-moi.
I’m listening, tell me.
Marc:   Tout d’abord, merci d’être venue. Tu es pressée ?
First of all, thank you for coming. Are you in a rush?
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