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The French sentence "Pas mal" explained

Get ready to discover everything you have to know about the basic French sentence "Pas mal". It includes a full explanation of what it is and how you can use it in a conversation with an audio example. And also the useful things we added like synonyms, slow pronunciation audio, dialogue example and more!

Translation in English

  • Translation : Not bad

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  • IPA : / pa mal /

aesthetic french quote pas mal

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Pas mal meaning


It literally means:

"Pas mal" is the French way to say "Not bad", typically after someone asks you "Ça va ?" (How are you?). But it can be used in many other cases and can also mean "Nice job / Way to go" or even "Quite a bit" depending on the context.

How to use it

The typical usage is to express "Not bad":

But it can also mean "Way to go" or "Nice job":

Finally, it can be used as an adverb of quantity, similar to "quite a lot", "quite a bit" or "quite a few":

Synonyms / Related

Example in a dialogue with French audio


Ton premier rendez-vous s'est bien passé ?

Did your first date went well?

Pas mal

Not bad

Raconte !

Tell me!

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Pas mal


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