The French word "D'accord" explained

We are going to explain you everything you want to know about the basic French word “D’accord”.

More precisely, it includes a detailed definition of what it is and how to use it in a normal conversation with an audio example. As well as the cool stuff we added like slow pronunciation audio, dialogue example, synonym and more!

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French to English translation

Audio pronunciation

Slow pronunciation

Normal pronunciation

D'accord meaning


In French, to express an agreement, we use the structure: être (to be) + d’accord (in agreement) + avec (with). 

But when the context is clear, we tend to not say the “avec …” (with…) part. We prefer using instead: “Je suis d’accord” (I agree) or “D’accord” (Agreed / Alright).

How to use

1) Your mother thinks you should take an umbrella in case it will be raining, you can simply say “D’accord” (I agree).

2) You are asked “Es-tu d’accord pour venir avec nous ?” (Do you agree to come with us?), the question is very precise, so just say: “Je suis d’accord” (I agree) or “D’accord” (Agreed / Alright).

3) A politician is making a law suggestion on TV and you approve it, you can say: “Je suis d’accord avec cette proposition” (I agree with this suggestion / I approve this suggestion)


  • Je suis d’accord. (“I agree“)
  • Je suis d’accord avec toi. (“I agree with you“)
  • J’approuve. (“I approve“)
  • Il est d’accord. (“He agrees“)
  • Elle est d’accord. (“She agrees“)
  • Nous sommes d’accord. (“We agree“)
  • Ils sont d’accord. (“They agree“)(Masculine)
  • Elles sont d’accord. (“They agree“)(Feminine)

Example with audio dialogue

Audio dialogue from French people

Dialogue audio

Dialogue transcription

” Je vais voir mes amis “
” I’m going to meet my friends “
” D’accord, amuse-toi bien
” Alright, have fun “
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