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The French sentence "Comment tu t'appelles" revealed

You are in the right place to discover all the things you need to know about the basic French phrase "Comment tu t'appelles ?". This include a complete guide of what it is and how you can use it in a casual conversation with an audio example.In addition, we also added super useful stuff like dialogue example, slow pronunciation audio and more!

English translation

  • Translation : What is your name?

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How to pronounce it?



  • IPA : / kɔmɑ̃ ty tapɛl ? /

aesthetic french quote comment tu tappelles

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What does it mean?


"Comment tu t'appelles ?" is an informal way to say "What's your name?" in French.

How to use it

In French, there are many ways to say "What's your name". So, if someone asks you one of these:

Then you can answer :

And if instead of "Nom" (Name) we asked you specifically for your "Prénom" (First name):

Finally, if we asked you specifically for your "Nom de famille" (Last name / Surname):

↓ Example in a story with slow French audio ↓

Finally, let's see an example in a parallel story with slow audio.

Le maître de la séduction

The master of seduction

C'était une belle journée ensoleillée.
It was a beautiful sunny day.
Alors, Emily et Philippe ont décidé de se rencontrer dans un parc et se promener un peu...
So Emily and Philippe have decided to meet in a park and walk around a bit...
Emily arrive au parc avant Philippe.
Emily arrives at the park before Philippe.
Elle trouve un banc libre, s'assoit et attend en lisant un article sur internet.
She finds a free bench, sits down and waits while reading an article on internet.
Soudain, un mec bizarre s'assoit à côté d'elle sur le banc.
Suddenly, a weird guy sits next to her on the bench.
Au début, Emily ne fait pas attention à lui.
At first, Emily doesn't pay attention to him.


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