The French idiom "C'est enfantin" revealed

Are you ready to learn everything you need to know about the basic French expression “C’est enfantin”?

To be more specific, it includes a complete explanation of what it is and how to use it in a dialogue with an audio example. But, we also sprinkled super useful stuff like dialogue example, slow pronunciation audio, synonyms and more!

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English translation


Slow pronunciation

Normal pronunciation

What does c'est enfantin mean?


  • C’est → It’s
  • Enfantin → Childish

This expression means “It’s super easy”. It simply compares the level of difficulty of the task with something that even a little kid can do.

How to use

Well, when it comes to using this expression: “C’est enfantin” !

Simply replace any mention of “It’s super easy” or “It’s really simple/obvious” by “C’est enfantin” and you are done.


  • C’est bête comme chou. (“It’s stupid like cabbage“)
  • C’est simple comme bonjour. (“It’s as simple as hello”)
  • C’est simple comme tout. (“It’s as simple as everything“)
  • C’est simple comme Baptiste. (“It’s as simple as Baptiste“)(French name)
  • C’est du gâteau. (“It’s cake“)

Example in a story with translation

Now, let’s see a complete example of this idiom in a story with slow French audio and the English translation below.
Les couleurs
Il est temps d’apprendre les couleurs en Français !
It’s time to learn colors in French!
Vous verrez,
c’est enfantinLiterally: It’s childish
You’ll see, it’s super easy!
Les trois couleurs primaires sont : le jaune, le bleu et le rouge.
The three primary colors are: yellow, blue, and red.
Le jaune est la couleur associée au soleil.
Yellow is the color associated with the sun.
C’est aussi la couleur du maïs, du citron et des bananes.
It’s also the color of corn, lemon and bananas.
Le bleu est la couleur associée au ciel et à la mer.
Blue is the color associated with the sky and the sea.
Le rouge est la couleur du sang.
Red is the color of blood.
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