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The French phrase "Bonne fête Papa" revealed

Get prepared to discover all the things you have to know about the basic French phrase "Bonne fête Papa". Including a complete explanation of what it is and how to use it in a conversation with an audio example. As well as the cool stuff we added like slow pronunciation audio, synonyms, dialogue example and more!

English translation

  • Translation : Happy father's day to you dad

  • Register : Informal - Basic - Celebration




  • IPA : / bɔn fɛt papa /

aesthetic french quote bonne fete papa

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Bonne fête Papa meaning


It literally means:

This is the most famous way to wish your father a happy Father's Day in French. It's the shortened version of "Bonne fête des pères papa" which literally means "Happy father's day to you dad".

So you might wonder why in the short version "Bonne fête papa" we don't precise which celebration we are talking about. And it's because, with context and with you literally saying "Happy celebration dad" he will understand perfectly.

How to use

Pretty simple, just say to your father "Bonne fête papa !" or "Joyeuse fête des pères papa !".

If you want to be more ceremonious, use instead the super full version "Je te souhaite une joyeuse/bonne fête des pères papa." (I wish you a happy/good father's day dad.)

Fun fact

In Quebec, "Joyeuse fête" doesn't have the same meaning as in France, it means "Happy birthday". While in France, to say "Happy birthday" we use "Joyeux anniversaire".

So if your dad is from Quebec, be careful!


Example in a dialogue with audio




Bonjour et bonne fête papa !

Hello and happy father's day to you dad

Merci !

Thank you!

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