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All about the French idiom "Tirer des plans sur la comète"

You are in the right place to discover everything you ever wanted to know about the basic expression "Tirer des plans sur la comète". It includes a complete guide of what it mean and how you can use it in a normal conversation with an audio example. And because we want to help you on your learning journey, we also added some useful stuff like dialogue example, slow pronunciation audio, synonyms and more!

Translation in English

  • Translation : To make unrealistic plans

  • Literal meaning : To draw up plans on the comet

  • Register : Neutral - Basic

How to pronounce it?



  • IPA : / tiʁe de plɑ̃ syʁ la kɔmɛt /

aesthetic french quote tirer plans sur comete

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What does it mean?


Comets passing close to earth are very rare and particularly brief events. Contrary to building projects, which requires a lot of time, patience and dedication.

This expression is based on this paradox. How would you jump on a comet, start making plans, and come back to earth in a few seconds?

You can't, that's why "Tirer des plans sur la comète" (Drawing plans on the comet) means "To make unrealistic plans".

How to use it

Someone is talking to you about his revolutionary plan on how to become a billionaire in 45 minutes while sleeping. You can say: "Wow! That sounds awesome, I want to try!".

Or, you can say "Je crois que tu tires des plans sur la comète..." (I think you are drawing plans on the comet...).

You will find more variations with other pronouns in the next paragraph.


Example in a dialogue with audio


Un jour je serai milliardaire

One day I will be a billionaire

Arrête de tirer des plans sur la comète.

Stop drawing up plans on the comet

Bon ok... peut être juste millionnaire

Alright...maybe just a millionaire

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