Discover the French phrase "C'est n'importe quoi"

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How to pronounce?

Slow pronunciation

Normal pronunciation

C'est n'importe quoi meaning


It literally means:

  • C’est → It is
  • n’importe quoi → Bullshit / Nonsense / Whatever

The expression “C’est n’importe quoi” is commonly used in daily French. Depending on the context, it can mean “It’s nonsense” or “Bullshit” as you will see just below.

How to use it

First scenario: someone says something completely untrue or unrealistic:

  • Mon poisson rouge sait conduire → My gold fish knows how to drive
  • C’est n’importe quoi ! → Bullshit!

Second scenario: you are talking about something shameful, shocking or nonsensical:

  • Cette société maltraite les animaux, c’est n’importe quoi ! → This company is mistreating animals, that’s a nonsense/shame!

In most cases, you can shorten it by using “N’importe quoi” without “C’est“. The meaning is the same, it just makes it more informal. Same thing for the slang version “C’est n’imp“. 


  • N’importe quoi. (“Bullshit / Nonsense“)
  • C’est n’imp. (“It’s bullshit / nonsense“)(Slang)
  • Ça n’a aucun sens. (“It has no sense“)
  • C’est du délire. (“It’s crazy / delirium / nonsense“)
  • C’est des conneries. (“It’s bullshit“)

Example with audio dialogue

Audio dialogue by French natives

Dialogue audio

Dialogue text

À mon avis, la terre est plate “
” In my opinion, earth is flat “
” C’est n’importe quoi ! “
” That’s bullsh*t! “
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