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All about the French sentence "Comme d'habitude"

Get prepared to find out everything you need to know about the basic French phrase "Comme d'habitude". More precisely, it includes a full explanation of what it is and how you can use it in a casual conversation with an audio example.In addition, we also added some useful things like slow pronunciation audio, dialogue example, synonyms and more!

English translation

  • Translation : As usual

  • Register : Neutral - Basic

Pronunciation guide



  • IPA : / kɔm dabityd /

aesthetic french quote comme dhabitude

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Comme d'habitude meaning


The literal meaning is:


The French expression "comme d'habitude"  is used typically when talking about something that happens regularly or something that isn't surprising. It's translated as "as usual" in English and has a very similar usage.

How to use it

You can use it at the beginning or at the end of your sentence:


But you can also use it as an interjection during a conversation to show that you are not surprised, that it's usual:


And for all these cases, you can shorten it informally as "comme d'hab" to make it shorter and easier to use.



Example in a dialogue


J'ai un petit creux, et toi ?

I am a little hungry, and you?

Non j'ai trop mangé, mais j'ai soif

No, I ate too much, but I'm thirsty

Comme d'habitude...

As usual...

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