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The French sentence "Comme-ci comme-ça" revealed

Are you ready to find out all the things you have to know about the funny French phrase "Comme-ci, comme-ça"? More precisely, it includes a complete guide of what it is and how to use it in a dialogue with an audio example. But, we also added some useful things like slow pronunciation audio, dialogue example, synonyms and more!

English translation

  • Translation : So-so

  • Register : Informal - Funny

Pronunciation guide



  • IPA : / kɔmsi, kɔmsa /

aesthetic french quote comme ci comme ca

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Comme-ci, comme-ça meaning


The literal meaning is:

It's basically a funny way for French people to say "So-so", very similar to another French expression with the same meaning "Couci-couça".

How to use it

It's useful when someone asks for your opinion, but you don't have a firm point of view on the topic. When you can't (or don't want to) decide between "It's lame" and " It's amazing". It's a very neutral answer.

For example, you are asked: "Tu aimes ma nouvelle coiffure ?" (Do you like my new haircut?) but you have mixed feelings about it, then you can say: "Comme-ci comme-ça" (So-so).

Fun stuff

Where is this coming from? To find the answer, we need to travel to... Italy!

In Italian: "Così così" means "So-so", then French people started to use something similar: "Couci-couci", which became with time: "Couci-couça". That's already far-fetched, right? But wait! That's not over!

"Couci-couça" is an expression made of words that doesn't exist in French ("Couci" and "Couça"). But it does sound a lot like words we actually use... Comme... ci... comme... ça !

Boom. This is how you create an expression!

N.B. Nowadays, you can still use "Couci-couça" but "Couci-couci" disappeared.

Synonyms / Related

Example in a dialogue with French audio


J'ai regardé ce film dont tout le monde parle

I watched this movie everybody is talking about

Alors, c'est rigolo ?

So, is it funny?

Comme ci, comme ça


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