The French phrase "Bon séjour" revealed

On this page, we are going to show you all the things you need to know about the basic sentence “Bon séjour”.

Are included a detailed definition of what it is and how to use it in a conversation with an audio example. Along with the cool things we sprinkled like slow pronunciation audio, dialogue example and more!

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Example in a story with English translation

Now, let’s see a complete example of this sentence in a story with slow French audio and the English translation below.
Bienvenue en Normandie
Welcome to Normandy
Ellen avait réfléchi à la destination de son prochain voyage…
Ellen had thought about the destination for her next trip…
Et elle avait décidé de commencer par visiter Étretat.
And she decided to start by visiting Etretat.
Car c’est en Normandie et cette région n’est pas très loin de Paris.
Because it’s in Normandy and this region isn’t very far from Paris.
Et elle avait toujours rêvé de voir de ses propres yeux les célèbres falaises de craie blanche de cette région.
And she had always dreamed of seeing with her own eyes the famous white cliffs of this region.
Elle arriva donc à l’hôtel où elle allait passer trois jours.
So she arrived at the hotel where she was going to spend three days.
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